Terms and Condition

You declare that you are the owner, or an authorized agent of the owner to make arrangements for shipping the owner’s vehicle(s).

By submitting the form on the website, you acknowledge that you permit HaulNMove to contact me at the number and/or email address I have provided above with automated technology in relation to this inquiry, even if you are on a Do Not Call list, via phone, e-mail, or text message. I understand that making a purchase is not consenting to receiving communications from haulnmove.com.

  1. HaulNMove, a vehicle transportation company, will arrange for the client, the transportation of Client’s vehicle(s) on trucks/trailers with licensed and insured vehicle carriers.
  2. Carriers transporting the vehicle(s) will only accept Cash or Postal Money Order from customer directly to the carrier for balance due upon delivery of your vehicle(s). Please have funds available to expedite your delivery unless you are shipping offshore or choose to PRE-PAY which requires payment in full, in advance.
  3. If the driver of Carrier transporting the vehicle(s) feels he cannot maneuver or operate his truck at a destination location or neighborhood, it is the responsibility of the Client or Client’s agent to meet the driver for safe delivery of vehicle(s) at a location close to the Client’s home. Client agrees and understands that the Carrier will route vehicles from origin to destination by routes within their own discretion and does not agree to any specified routing by client.
  4. HaulNMove does not agree to transport the vehicle on any particular motor carrier, nor in time for any particular event unless, Client agrees in writing to the extra cost involved with guaranteed pick-up or delivery times, arrival date of your vehicle(s). However the Carrier transporting the vehicle(s) is subject to delays due to, road conditions, weather, etc. There are absolutely no guarantees regarding delivery times and dates because of traffic and weather.
  5. Inoperable vehicle(s) are subject to additional charges. If vehicle(s) is inoperative such that it cannot be driven on and off a Carrier’s truck under its own power, please tell us in advance so we can give you a correct quote. In the event that we are not told that a vehicle(s) is inoperative at the time of the quote; an additional fee of up to two hundred dollars (USD) will be added to the final amount to be collected by the Carrier before the car is delivered. Additionally, in the event we are not informed of the correct model and type of the vehicle, including special dimensional accessories such as racks, extensions, oversize tires, etc., which render the vehicle oversized when we give you a quote.
  6. If we discover the over sized nature of client’s vehicle(s) upon pick up, an additional fee of up to three hundred dollars (USD) will be added to the final amount to be collected by the carrier before the vehicle can be delivered. Please confirm the accuracy of all information you give when asking for a quote from HaulNMove. The Client is allowed to put a hundred pounds (lbs.) of personal belonging in the trunk of the vehicle(s). HaulNMove may impose additional fees, at its sole discretion, for the transport of contents in the vehicle exceeding the hundred pounds (lbs.).
  7. No dangerous and/or valuable personal property shall be transported in the client’s vehicle(s) that includes but no limited to Guns, Ammunition, Explosive or Flammable Products, Alcoholic Beverages, Narcotics, Jewelry, Furs, Money, Humans, Pets or Plants or any unlawful contraband. The Client agrees that HaulNMove or the carrier may confiscate or dispose of said dangerous and/or illegal items with no remuneration.
  8. Any damages MUST be properly noted while the driver is there, upon the Bill of Lading, and obtain the necessary information from the driver. Damage claims must be made within 7 days of delivery with pictures of specified damages claimed. All claims for damage must be taken up directly with the Carrier. Signing the Bill of Lading at destination, without notation of damage, will be evidence of satisfactory delivery of the vehicle.
  9. Client or Client’s agent is highly encouraged to check your vehicle(s) over very carefully before you sign the Bill of Lading. CLIENT AGREES TO PROVIDE VALID CONTACT INFORMATION, INCLUDING A BACK UP PHONE NUMBER.
  10. Once Client has authorized the shipping order and accepted HaulNMove written quote, Client is not required to pay any money until the vehicle is dispatched to one of our carriers. (unless Client is an off shore or prepaid customer which requires payment in full at the time of contracting).
  11. When Client’s Account Executive has secured reservations with one of our carriers for Client’s vehicle, our dispatch department will call to advise Client of the estimated pickup and delivery dates. If Client needs to cancel the shipment, same MUST be done in writing to HaulNMove. If written cancellation is received by HaulNMove at least 72 hours prior to the first date the vehicle(s) become available for pick up, there is no cancellation fee. If written notification of cancellation is received by HaulNMove after that time, there will be a sum of one hundred dollars (USD) cancellation fee assessed. If the Carrier fails to pick up and/or deliver the vehicle(s), Client will be responsible for payment and the deposit will be applied toward a second attempt at shipping Client’s vehicle(s).
  12. When using a credit card for payment, Client agrees that HaulNMove is authorized to use any and all credit card information submitted to fulfill the payment and any additional fees, listed previously.
  13. If Client wishes to put the full amount of payment on the credit card, there will be an additional seven percent processing fee added to the total tariff.