Hauling Oversize Loads

Transporting oversized loads

Need assistance with all your heavy hauling transportation questions and needs from a dependable Oversize Load Trucking Company? Providing oversize load transportation is one of Haul n Move's specialties. It can transport an overweight or oversize vehicle during a trip to the United States.

Any local government, municipality, or corporate dealer can easily move heavy equipment and service vehicles with the help of our professional heavy-load transporters. In the event that you require oversize load haulers with experience, we can assist you! Have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be loaded and transported properly and safely by one of our wide-load transport specialists.


The term oversized load may be confusing to you. It is generally understood that an oversized load is any shipment that contains large freight that exceeds the legal size restrictions on standard trailers. Are there any specific considerations you should take into account when hauling oversized loads? A permit and an escort vehicle are likely to be required in order to ensure a smooth heavy-hauling transport experience.

As experts in navigating oversized load regulations and procedures, Haul n Move Fortunately is able to handle all of these requirements for you.


In order to meet all DOT requirements, our oversize hauling specialist will determine the appropriate route for service truck transportation. This is once we receive the proper dimensions, weight, height, length, and width, as well as the pickup and delivery location. In addition, all state and federal permits will be obtained to comply with all DOT regulations.

The oversize hauling specialist will determine the appropriate route for service truck transportation based on the measurements, weight, height, length, and width of the load. In addition, he will obtain all necessary permits from the state and federal governments in order to meet all DOT requirements.