Military Auto Transport


When you are deploying, changing duty stations, or simply need a vehicle transported, We Will Transport It is here to assist you. Our military service members and their families are highly valued and appreciated by us. We Will Transport It offers the most reliable military car transportation services in the United States. If you are permanently changing stations, we can ship your car anywhere nationwide or internationally. If you need military car shipping, we offer special military discounts for any military car shipping needs. Using our shipping services will help you save time and money.

Military service members and their families are deeply respected and appreciated by us. The most reliable military car transportation services are available at We Will Transport It. If you are moving permanently or are planning on moving overseas, we can help you move your car wherever you wish. We will provide you with the quality shipping services that you deserve and will save you time and money.


As a military family, we understand the stress associated with relocating from one post to another. Would you like to know how you will get your vehicle to your new post if you are moving across the country or overseas with your family? It may be that you are deployed and need your car transported home during your absence. We offer military car transportation services to help alleviate some of your stress. Over 1,000 U.S. military bases exist across the globe, including bases in Hawaii, Alaska, and other countries. We Will Transport It can transport your vehicle to or from any of these bases.

It is recommended that you make your military auto transport reservation at least one month in advance if you have been informed that you will be relocating or deploying. Your military auto transport experience will be enhanced if you make your reservation as soon as possible. As with any vehicle transport, the sooner you book your reservation, the better. The likelihood of finding a driver at the last minute is reduced, as well as the cost of booking your reservation at the last minute.