Classic/Sports Cars Transport


Dedicated Shipping Container – Each classic vehicle is shipped in its own shipping container. With our secure and climate-controlled shipping containers, you can rest assured that your classic car will arrive intact. Weather and road debris are protected from all vehicles being transported via enclosed transport. The condition in which your vehicle was delivered will be the same as when it left.

The insurance coverage for enclosed vehicles is increased to one million dollars per vehicle, whereas for open vehicles, the coverage is only $100,000 per vehicle. You can rest assured that you are protected in the event of an unthinkable occurrence with this additional insurance coverage.


Our company, or a company we recommend, will take care of your exotic vehicle with the utmost care. Whenever possible, we will find a shipping company that can handle the shipment. Shipping your classic car shouldn't be a stressful experience. If you are selling, purchasing, or shipping your classic vehicle for a car show, Haul N Move will ensure that your vehicle is delivered safely. For security and your peace of mind, most auto transport companies advise that your luxury car, such as a Rolls Royce, must be transported in an enclosed trailer. However, We Will Transport It, a company with outstanding customer service and many years of experience transporting exotic vehicles, will use an enclosed car carrier to facilitate the transport process.


Are you looking for a car transportation service for an exotic, luxury, vintage, or restored vehicle? We will arrange your transportation. Our company is the best choice for all your classic and exotic car shipping needs at the most competitive prices. The transportation of exotic automobiles requires special care and consideration. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We have extensive experience in providing Exotic Car Shipping and Shipping Classic Vehicles services, so we know what needs to be done to safely transport your automobile. If you need to transport your classic car across the country or to an out-of-state vehicle show, let We Will Transport It handle the transportation of your antique, vintage, and old-fashioned vehicle for you.


A classic car owner believes that his or her vehicle is a valuable asset. Consequently, they seek out the most reliable classic car shipping company to pick up and deliver their vehicle. It is, however, important to consider more than just a price quote when selecting an auto transport company. Classic car owners should select a transport company with experience shipping exotic, vintage, restored, and luxury vehicles. Over the past 25 years, Haul and Move has provided national vehicle transportation services. When auto transport companies like us provide transport quotes, they take into account the following factors to provide car owners with a more accurate idea of the costs involved:

  • 1. Manufacturer and model of the vehicle - We determine the appropriate trailer size based on the vehicle's height, weight, and length. Trailers are larger when transport costs are high.
  • 2. It may be necessary to use a winch or other equipment to load an inoperable vehicle onto a trailer. Transport costs are lower for a trouble-free vehicle.
  • 3. Transport distance - When traveling long distances, fuel, time, and trailer wear and tear all contribute to the cost of transportation.
  • 4. The route taken from the pickup location to the delivery location is typically less expensive than routes that have high traffic volumes, ongoing construction, or wind through a wide variety of landscapes.
  • 5. In terms of open or enclosed transport, most classic car owners choose enclosed trailers with walls and ceilings rather than open trailers without them. It is more expensive to transport enclosed trailers.
  • 6. A classic car owner should plan ahead and be flexible regarding the shipping date in order to keep classic car shipping rates as low as possible. To avoid transporting their vehicles during periods of heavy snow or rain, car owners should also take into consideration the season.


Classic car shipping requires careful planning and attention in order to ensure the vehicle arrives at its destination in good condition. When planning car transportation, car owners should choose days with calm weather without snow, wind, or rain. Considering transportation dates in advance and remaining flexible can help you save money in the long run. Most classic car shipping companies recommend transporting classic cars in enclosed trailers. This is to ensure the safety of luxury, exotic, and vintage automobiles as well as severely damaged classic cars discovered on sunken ships. There will be a variation in rates for classic car shipping depending on the model and make of the vehicle, its overall condition, the pickup and delivery locations, and other factors associated with transportation.